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How to Organize Yourself as A Team in The Home Office

lookfamed - 26. March 2020

The topic that many companies have been dealing with in recent weeks is home office. While those who can take advantage of this opportunity should of course be incredibly grateful, working from home puts us to test one time or another. Too many distractions? Not a real routine anymore? And the worst: where are the colleagues? We at Lookfamed are also currently in our home office. However, we have mastered the ability to organize ourselves well as a whole company, but also in the individual teams. That is why we want to share our tips and tricks with you today so that your work from home will be a real success!

Together We Are Strong

At Lookfamed, we are a well-coordinated large team but our company is also divided into several different teams. Marie, Katha, Selina, Katharina and Johanna will tell you how these teams organize themselves, what their best tips and tricks are and what advantages the home office offers.

How Do You Organize As A Team In The Home Office?

The home office has numerous advantages. The fact that it also has some disadvantages can be seen in most of the cases after just a few days. Probably the biggest disadvantage: the colleagues are missing. And not just as social contacts but above all for better organization within the team. We give you the best tips on how to get the right organization within your team from home.





“The most important thing is to keep a certain routine”, says Marie, Head of Campaign Management. Above all this helps to structure the day, to distribute the tasks and to get every employee to organize themselves throughout the day. Daily video meetings can help. “We give ourselves updates on our tasks every day and can discuss what is due in each week and which tasks are to be done by whom”, says Katharina from the consulting department. In addition to daily video conferences, constant spontaneous exchange is essential to stay up to date. “A lot of communication is very important. This makes it easy to talk about tasks that need to be done or distributed”, advises Katha, who is responsible for the HR department. Johanna, Head of E-Commerce, agrees: “It is important that the team continues to work together and supports each other so that nobody becomes a lone wolf.” Selina, who is responsible for blogger management, also has general tips on home office: “A permanent job is important in order to be able to work in a concentrated manner. In addition, breaks should urgently be taken to get some fresh air in order to clear your head again.”

If you organize yourself as a team, the home office can also bring numerous advantages. But which ones?

Home Office Benefits

Let’s be honest: Yes, home office may not be the ideal solution for everyone but above all we from the digital industry shouldn’t complain. We should be grateful that we are able to work from home and keep our business going. So, to look at the whole thing from a positive point of view, we would like to present the numerous advantages of the home office.

Working from home brings a team together again in a completely different way. Of course, at Lookfamed we also prefer to be able to see each other in the office every day to exchange ideas and support one another. However, this is definitely not neglected in the home office either. “We are in a much closer exchange and we also have very effective meetings through video conferencing. There is a dynamic between us that makes working from home very pleasant and productive”, says Marie. The topic of personal responsibility also takes on a completely different status in the home office. “Everyone has to learn to organize themselves and maybe tackle their own problems from a completely different perspective because they are on their own for the time being”, says Katharina. The topics of personal responsibility and personal development are generally capitalized at lookfamed and are now particularly in focus and can be intensively addressed during the time in the home office. Johanna can agree with this: “I notice that more responsibility is being taken on and that we can also work productively in a team because you can prepare yourself even better for meetings and use them effectively in communication.” The team also learns something new every day. “The digitization, which we currently rely on immensely highlights the value of clear communication”, says Katha.

The Best Tools For The Home Office

The use of various online tools can also be particularly helpful in the home office which makes work in the digital world considerably easier. Of course, we don’t want to withhold this from you either!


Jira is a web application that can be used to create digital boards for different teams. As part of this, you can then create tasks, assign them to people and give them a status – for example, “In progress” or “Done”. The boards can be designed individually and make the work in the team enormously easier because the status of each task can be viewed at any time.

Google Hangouts

We mainly use Google Hangouts for shorter, spontaneous meetings. It is a video conferencing and instant messaging service that makes it easy to hold video conferences with multiple people. Perfect for the little update in between!


For meetings with the entire team, which can sometimes take a little longer, we like to use Zoom. This is also a video conferencing tool that allows you to virtually meet up to 100 colleagues at the same time. Perfect when it takes a little longer and affects colleagues from multiple teams.

Own Cloud

The cloud is a tool that can be used to store data on your own server. We at Lookfamed have created folders for every team, every project and many more in the cloud which employees can then access from home. Hence, there are no problems in the home office if something is forgotten in the office, as everything is stored in the cloud.

Home Office -Top or Flop?

The main advantage of the home office is that it brings the teams even closer together but everyone can also develop themselves at the same time. Even closer exchanges and more direct communication are valued. “Above all, we all learn to appreciate our colleagues even more during these times than we did before because we miss each other very much”, Selina sums up. Helpful tools make everyday life in the home office even easier. The most important thing now is health. Because of this, we hope that you also have the chance to work from home and everyone stays healthy!

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