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Tips For A Successful TikTok Account

lookfamed - 2. March 2020

No other app continues to grow as strongly as TikTok. It is a Chinese social media platform that focuses on content such as music and dance. It became known for its Lip-sync videos and has captivated millions of users. The target group consists mainly of young people. But content such as comedy, tutorials and many other creative ideas can also be shared  here. The clips and content can be recorded and edited using the app and then shared with other users. A few weeks ago, we spoke about how this app can be used in addition to Instagram for content marketing by companies. Today we explain how to succeed on the app and how to go viral with content on the video app.

How To Be Successful on TikTok

Like Instagram, TikTok is a creative platform where you can let off steam and serve different niches with millions of followers. It offers a lot of freedom and above all high potential to be successful on the app. Since it is still relatively new at the moment the chances of achieving this are currently quite high. But behind the short video clips there is a lot more work than you would initially think and you have to do some things right to become a celebrated creator on the video app TikTok.

The trick is to keep the excitement and entertain the community with such short videos that only take a few seconds. To achieve this the goal is to get to the Discover page. It makes sense to keep an eye on them to see what is currently happening on the platform and what other active users are posting. Another way to be successful on the app is to put original ideas into practice. Your own videos should have a certain recognition value so that they have better chances to stand out and be recognized in the long term. Individuality goes hand in hand with this. When producing content you should always remain yourself and emphasize your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This means that you think about what sets your own person or your own content apart from others on the platform. The Discover page is probably the heart of the app and can be the stepping stone to TikTok success. There you will find videos on various topics and hashtags – either those created by the community itself or those created by the app itself or by large creators. In order to be successful on TikTok the goal is of course to be displayed on the Discover page. But how do you do that and how do you go viral with your videos?

How To Go Viral On Tik Tok

The goal of every TikTok user is to go viral with a video and inspire millions around the world. This means that the video appears on the Discover page and is seen by a lot of young people around the world. We give you tips on how to do this on the app.


Go hand in hand with the Discover page on the TikTok Challenges app. They are a great way to be seen by many people and to spread your video widely. They are collected under the different hashtags and can be discovered and found via them. So, in order to make it to the discover page you should take part in challenges from time to time and then provide them with the associated hashtags. If you are creative, you can also try creating your own challenge.

Ein Concise Username

For your own account an individual and concise user name should be created on the social network. It is important here that this can be anchored in the minds of other users – nobody can remember a name made up of many numbers and special characters. In the best case, interested users should always be able to return from memory to a profile because the name is concise and memorable.


To increase the chances of being displayed on the Discover page you should be active on TikTok and post a clip several times a week. You can orientate yourself to challenges, record creative dances or make funny everyday situations into a video. It is only important to regularly offer content to its followers.


People often use social media to be distracted from their everyday life. So, what could be better received than humor? Anyone who records funny short clips, creative dance videos and songs or short comedy sequences has a good chance that their own videos will be very well received by the community and accordingly shown on the Discover page.

Don’t Forget The Fun

Of course, it is great feedback when videos go viral and are seen and liked by many people. Ultimately it should not be forgotten that this app is not just about increasing your reach and collecting as many likes as possible. Because videos are where you can tell that the creators are having fun are always well received and pushed by the app.


Numerous Ways Lead To Success

TikTok is an app that offers a lot of potential. Since it is currently still in the initial phase, it is sensible, if the goal is to become known on this platform, to start with it now. Whether with challenges, dance videos or funny comedy clips – the app offers numerous possibilities to increase its reach and attract the attention of many users. But the most important thing should not be forgotten: have fun and stay true to yourself.


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