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Potential of The IGTV Series

lookfamed - 19. March 2020

For almost two years now, Instagram users have been able to upload videos that are longer than a minute – using IGTV. It is a tool integrated in the app that can be used to upload or shoot videos that can be up to ten minutes long. Means: There are no limits to creativity. Recently it has also become possible to produce entire series with IGTV. This is an extremely useful tool, especially in times when moving images are becoming increasingly important on social media (see our blog post here ). In this blog post we tell you what potential this feature has and how you can use it for your purposes.

Marketing with the IGTV Series

An IGTV series does not mean posting multiple videos in a row and calling it a series. Use them to your advantage. Your creativity knows no bounds. Think up an exciting topic and produce videos that build on one another – just like a real series. This gives you the opportunity to show yourself from a completely new side and to deal with topics that are close to your heart. It is particularly suitable for creative marketing strategies. The advantage? By sharing a 60-second preview of the IGTV series in your feed, you can take advantage of this commitment to the series.

Take Chances 

From 15 seconds to 10 minutes – that’s how long the videos can be at IGTV. There is particularly good news for those of you who have a verified profile on Instagram – have a blue tick: You can even upload videos that are up to an hour long. For influencers and companies in particular the IGTV series offers ideal opportunities to further expand your own brand. Provided that it is implemented correctly and important things are observed. We bring you five tips for your IGTV series:

Show Another Site

Is your account more likely to post particularly beautiful photos? Then use your IGTV series to show a completely different side of yourself. How about taking your followers behind the scenes of your everyday life and showing them what you do outside of Instagram? Companies can also use this series for example to introduce their employees or to implement particularly creative marketing strategies. There are no limits to your creativity!

The First Thirty Seconds Count

Your video is several minutes long? This is great if you have interesting things to tell. However, the first thirty seconds are particularly important because in this time your viewers decide whether they want to continue watching the video or whether they would rather look for another one. So, think carefully about how to keep the tension high for the first few seconds and how to encourage people to keep viewing. How about a question that will be answered in the course of the video or a cliffhanger for whose answer the video has to be watched to the end for example?

Involve Your Audience

People clicked on your video. Great! because it shows that they are principally interested in your topic and they want to know what you have to say. What you really want to prevent is them getting bored during the video. So, include them again and again. Be it through questions or prompts – you want your viewers to be able to identify with your content.


Yes, you can’t escape them here either: the hashtags. But don’t worry, the hashtag clouds don’t lead to success here either. However, some well-chosen diamonds can help you generate more views for the series and spread them on the social media platform. You have put so much work into the episodes of the series, now they should be seen too!

A Plan Is Needed

Do you have a great idea for an IGTV series and would you like to start producing right away? That’s the spirit! But before that it is imperative that a plan is drawn up that structures your IGTV series. After all, this is not a single video but a holistic series in which the elements build on one another. So be aware of the necessary steps that need to be done beforehand so that your series is sure to be a success. What is the topic? How do the videos build on each other? Who is the target group? You should have thought about all of this in advance.


We are all now agreed that the IGTV series is another great feature that lets us live out our creativity and crazy ideas even further. If you have a topic that you would like to talk about or that you have always wanted to share with the world, now is the time to do so. But then don’t give up! Your IGTV video should eventually become an IGTV series – so get to work, we’ll see you on Instagram!

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