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Influencer in the role of entrepreneur – the own brand

root - 18. July 2019 - 0 comments

What do @lu-coaching and have in common? Both have climbed the next “evolution step” on the ladder of influencer marketing and have started to develop and market their own products. This trend to the Selbstst?ndigkeit shows up on numerous Bloggerprofilen. But what should influencers pay attention to when developing their own brand, where are the advantages and disadvantages and what are the differences?

The different stages of evolution

We have dealt with this new form of influencer marketing and classified the different types into different levels. We can also talk about three consecutive developmental stages, so-called influencer evolution stages:

1. Step: The classic advertising cooperation for individual products between influencer and company

2. Step: Marken tun sich mit Bloggern zusammen, um über Lizenzkooperationen oder Joint- Ventures gemeinsam ein Produkt zu entwickeln. Wenn sich die Follower des Bloggers perfekt mit denen einer Marke überschneiden, tun sich beide Parteien zusammen, um gemeinsam eine ganze Kollektion zu entwickeln, die dem Geschmack der Follower entspricht (zum Beispiel PURELEI x @Novalanalove)

3. Evolution stage and at the same time current Instagram Trend is the detachment from existing brands and the creation of own brands. The aim here is for the influencer to embody the product and brand at the same time and thus make the company completely invisible.

Influencer as product developer

Of course, influencers who develop their own product may enjoy a particularly high degree of credibility. After all, which article could be better promoted than the one you created yourself? In addition, there is the advantage that potential customers get to know the product as early as the creation process, from the baby slippers, so to speak. This storytelling not only generates a high level of brand sympathy, but also positively influences the formation of opinion about the product and thus also sales.

The method of integrating followers into the creation process and creating the product as close as possible to the customer by means of opinion polls has also proven itself. In this way, not only are sales figures increased, but in the best case also the community strengthened. The influencer is now completely free in his creativity. Detached from his advertising partners, he creates a product that not only does 100% justice to his image, but is also perfectly adapted to his followers and thus retains his high degree of authenticity:


“The fact that the influencer has an influence on the creation process of a product creates an intensive relationship to it. This relationship is the strongest foundation for authentic influencer marketing.” – Luana Silva, Influencerin, Co Founder lookfamed

The fitness programme “Strong & Beautiful” of the influencer @pamela_rf is certainly regarded as one of the more successful national own brands. Also we from lookfamed could already collect positive experiences in this area. Thus we took up the trend with our Handels GmbH and brought out in co-operation with a Pregnancy Organizer, which was designed and promoted affectionately by our exclusive Family Bloggerin. An all around successful product, which not only does justice to the family influencer, but also to her followers. The Fitness app by Lu-Coaching was also perfectly staged by and with us. Also the Fitnessbloggerin could establish its own product successfully on the market with the help of our trade GmbH, however independently of a mark.


Based on our experience, we can say that the development of Influencer Marketing from a simple promoter job to a creative developer of collections or even own brands can be assessed as consistently positive. On the bloggers’ side, credibility is not doubted, but rather increased, and on the companies’ side (with joint collections), customers are even more specifically bound to the product by being involved in the creation process even before the product is on the market. And the best part is: if companies start designing collections together with influencers, they accept them as full-fledged marketing entrepreneurs and create a long-term, sustainable space for them.