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Consequences of the corona virus for influencer marketing

lookfamed - 16. March 2020

At the moment it is an unignorable presence in the media and everyday life of the people: Covid-19. Home office and avoiding most social contacts are currently on most people’s agendas. Health is of course an absolute priority for everyone and despite all efforts put in to plan for a crisis, the question arises as to what effects the virus is having on your own industry. In this article, we will look at some of the consequences Covid-19 has had on influencer marketing. For this reason, we have dealt with the potential consequences of the corona virus for influencer marketing in the context of this blog article.

The OMR Festival (Online Marketing Rockstars Festival) is canceled this year and our blogger Nicolette also had to postpone her One Woman Army Tour 2.0 to a later date. These are all examples of the consequences of the virus. But what does the whole situation look like for the influencers and the companies with which they work?

The Influencers

First of all, it can be said that other industries will probably be hit harder than the digital industry. In times when you are actively practicing social distancing, Instagram has experienced an upswing. People that one would meet in person is being connected with digitally. For the influencers and their profiles, Covid-19 does not pose a significant risk at first. Their views and other interactions will not suffer because users are increasingly turning to social media as a form of entertainment.

In times of such a virus, social media platforms can also be used to educate masses about the virus, how they should take of themselves and what they should avoid doing. It is important to make ourselves aware about use our reach in a responsible and useful manner.

The Company

Of course, it cannot be said in general that the virus will have consequences for companies. The virus will affect different industries in different ways. As people look towards their electronic devices as sources of entertainment, the digital industry is naturally less affected. Online platforms can even expect an upswing because many people have to stay at home and find meaningful employment in home workouts, streaming services, audio book providers and so on. In these areas in particular, lead generation supported by influencers can have a positive effect. For the rest of e-commerce, it is crucial to currently focus more on branding than on sales. This means that cooperation should now be more about making your brands known and thus strengthening them, rather than generating a lot of sales, because delivery bottlenecks should be expected with the disruption of supply chain. By focusing on branding, the lost sales could be quickly covered later on.

Long-term Consequences?

Of course, it is not clear yet whether the virus will have long-term effects on influencer marketing. What is certain, however, is that an adaptation to the situation will prevent losses and long-term consequences can be avoided. The most important thing during these times is of course, health. Whenever possible, influencers and companies should use this time to offer added value and, if necessary, educate about the virus or offer help.



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