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Fascination Podcast – Why Suddenly Everyone Has More To Tell

lookfamed - 12. March 2020

Hands up if you have never heard a podcast. No hands up? That was expectable. Podcasts have become the main source of entertainment in recent months. When driving a car, on the bus, on the way to work or to sleep – almost everyone has been infected by a fascinating podcast. Of course, this is also because there is something for everyone: From spiritual podcasts that should help you go through everyday life to relaxed to true crime podcasts to influencer marketing podcast – some people wouldn’t be able to imagine their life without it. But where does this fascination come from and why does everyone suddenly have more to tell?

Podcasts for Audio Marketing

According to a study by the industry association Bitkom, almost one in four persons in Germany listen to podcasts. The question naturally arises: Boom, hype, trend or a long-established medium? Probably all at once. For many people podcasts have long been an integral part of their everyday life. As a result, the professionalization of these continues increase, which also clearly leads to commercialization. It is no longer just radio or audio providers that have entered the podcast market, large media companies and agencies are also involved. We at Lookfamed also have our own podcast called WHAT THE INF *** NCER?!. In it, we cover topics such as the latest Instagram trends, how to become successful as an influencer or what you should pay attention to when collaborating.

This shows that podcasts are also ideal for marketing. Nowadays, music alone is often no longer sufficient as a form of entertainment. Many want to be entertained as often as possible and very specifically by people or topics that really interest them. This is the perfect opportunity for companies to position themselves specifically for their own target group and to address topics that really interest them. In our case, for example, we show what it looks like behind the scenes of an influencer marketing agency and give tips for influencer marketing. We are thus clearly positioning ourselves in our industry.

The Marketing Instrument Podcast

As professionalization and monetization continue more and more companies are discovering the potential of podcasts as a marketing tool. According to studies, nothing stands in the way of advertising on the podcast: 87 percent of everyday podcast listeners state that they would never cancel a podcast due to advertising. Rather they accept them and occasionally even look forward to the recommendations.

Podcasts also offer a great marketing platform. Yes, of course blogs are a great thing. You are reading this article after all on one. Despite everything, podcasts can be used to find the closeness to the target group that is so important in order to retain them in the long term. Here you can address specific topics from the industry and present them in an entertaining, emotional or detailed manner. In addition, the media industry is moving so fast and steadily these days that you should always go with the trend – of course only if it fits your own company. The podcast as a trend is a good way to position yourself with an exciting topic and to show yourself from another side.



As you read in this blog article, podcasts are a good opportunity to position yourself in a completely different way within your own marketing to address the target group even more specifically and to show your company from another side. Of course, they can also be used to creatively expand existing marketing. You are invited to listen to our podcast WHAT THE INF *** NCER ?! to take a look behind the scenes of an influencer marketing agency and learn more about our founding story in the first episode.

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