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Through Bashing to Millions of Followers

lookfamed - 24. March 2020

What do Sarah Harrison, Johannes Haller, Senna Gamour and Jenny Frankenhauser all have in common? Right, they are all influencers. And what else do they have in common? Comedian Oliver Pocher recently criticized them for their job. In the past few months he has often drawn attention to himself by making fun of singer Michael Wendler and his young girlfriend Laura Müller. Still funny or already under the belt? How bashing others in the social media world leads to millions of followers.

The Seriousness Of The Situation

Let us summarize the situation as follows: In the opinion of Oliver Pocher, some influencers have apparently not yet understood the seriousness of the current situation and instead continue to post their advertising and completely ignore the situation. Absolutely legitimate criticism because at the moment nothing is more important than the health of everyone. Influencers sometimes have an enormous reach. In times like the present, it is therefore imperative to use them sensibly in order to educate, help and offer added value. However, what is not mentioned: many are already doing this.

With the help of the hashtag #WirBleibenZuHause (#westayathome), which was launched by the Federal Ministry of Health, numerous influencers show solidarity and urge their followers to stay at home urgently. It is just as clear that there will always be people who will not use their reach in a meaningful way just like the fact that you cannot lump together all influencers and call them “inhumans”. Constructive criticism and expressions of opinion are always welcome – one of the many advantages of social media is that this is possible more conveniently than anywhere else. However, if an atmosphere arises in this place in which you have to be afraid to say something because you may be torn apart by a person with a lot of followers, then you as a user of the app have to ask yourself whether you have such an atmosphere that you can approve or whether, especially in these times, cohesion is more important than ever.

Quelle: Oliver Pocher (@oliverpocher)

A Job Like Any Other

How is it that so many users of the platform celebrate bashing and sometimes even take part in it? Well, they share the same opinion. There is of course nothing wrong with that because different opinions make the discourse in social media so exciting. However, if this leads to people receiving multiple hate messages and the worst threats every day, we should all ask ourselves again whether we really want to support such an atmosphere. The question should be asked: is it really better to earn your money by insulting other people than by advertising products from companies that are so reliant on support, especially in the current situation?

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with opening one’s eyes to someone whose behavior you disagree with (or in the current situation) whose behavior endangers that person. Of course, it is not okay if influencers are currently only thinking about collaborations and want to make as much money as possible out of the situation. Ultimately one thing should never be forget: in today’s world, the influencer’s profession is a profession like any other. Everyone can decide for themselves how they feel about it but let’s be honest: if you want to go on without your salary because of the virus, raise your hands… well?

Because of this it is legitimate to still advertise. It is only important that the current situation is treated with respect and that the application of a product is carried out appropriately and is published for the right reasons. This will not harm anyone because the influencer not only supports himself but primarily also the companies that are currently more dependent on support than ever before and of course their followers who benefit from discount codes & co.

The Right Balance

We may not agree on many things, but we should definitely agree on one thing that health is by far the most important factor. In these times it is important to find the right balance between empathy, realism, inspiration and advertising. “Influencing” is not always just about commerce but above all about using your own voice and reach in difficult times to reach people. Who can have anything against that?

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